Thursday, September 13, 2012

Half Way Mark

We are half way done with for Casey! I've been slacking on the blog so I thought what better time than now to update y'all.  That and it's Children's Cancer Month.

This  morning Jeff said it's just crazy how we now have 2 cancer survivors in our little, young, family. Not only that it happened with in a couple years. I have gotten so used to cancer and chemo being apart of our life it just feels normal and then I step back and realize it is very not normal. I don't like to think about this too often because then the questions come and my brain gets over loaded with "whys" and "hows" and "what ifs". It makes me question every thing I've believed in, how the universe works and then before I know it I'm watching Nova specials about the Big Bang theory. Then I realize I'm being nutty and need to lighten up so I turn on the real Big Bang Theory. And the "Universe" shouts at me "Bazinga!" And I laugh. Because that's all you can do. That and count my blessings. 

It helps to laugh when Casel (yes we call him Casel sometimes. Now that he's bald it's Vin Casel. ) is doing so well. He does get tummy aches almost daily but he's never thrown up and the anti nausea meds the doc prescribed have been really helpful.  He's had a two week break which has really brought his energy back. We no long have to stay the night at Doernbechers since he's done with the Citoxin. (However that's spelled.)  

We have been so blessed through out our battles. Recently we received news that the Make a Wish foundation will be sending us to Disney World! We are going for Casey's birthday in April. And the Papa's Pizza fundraiser was extremely helpful and it was great to see so many friends come out and support our family. We have an amazing family that has really step up to the plate for us and I can't thank you all enough. 

Whatever the meaning of all this is I have seen what some may call miracles in the timing that we were diagnosed and our prognosis' and the care we've recieved. There is a greater power out there that is watching over this family and I am so grateful for that because I know things could have been a lot LOT worse. Every time we go to Doernbechers I'm reminded of how blessed we have been. 

Casey at this moment is dancing to Barney on PBS and eating an orange. You'd never guess this kid had so much on his plate right now. He is one resilient kiddo. 

Our family's bond has been strengthened immeasurably and I know that we will conquer any storm that may cross our paths in the future as a family. 

Again thank you, a million times to everyone who has prayed, kept good thoughts for us or supported us in other ways. We love you and pray for YOU daily. 

My current obsession

Raising Cain, The Emotional Lives of Boys. Read it, just do it. It's only 258 pages long and it will change how you view and interact with boys. If you have a boy in your life, whether you're a parent, teacher, mentor or friend, you need to read this.
"...But as their manuscript progressed, Kindlon and Thompson realized a simple "how-to" would not do. "In the end," they write, "we found that the best advice we had to offer was simply to understand boys as they truly are ­ rather than as they appear or as we wish them to be. Our deepest wish is to pull aside the curtain boys so tenaciously draw around themselves and offer you a look inside their hearts and minds. If we succeed, we hope that you will see more clearly the ways in which our culture conspires to limit and undermine their emotional lives. We hope you will understand boys better, and above all, we hope you will enjoy them more"
Read an interview with one of the authors, Dan Kindlon, PH.D. here.